MARI® Mandala Assessment Research Instrument Workshop

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MARI® Mandala Assessment Research Instrument Workshop

May 18 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm


MARI® Mandala Assessment Research Instrument Workshop

A Jungian based art therapy assessment

Saturday May 18, 2019

11:00am-1:00pm  $50/person  Includes all the art supplies and Journaling Supplies!!

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Bramasole Yoga and Fitness Center 57 Slab Meadow Road Morris,Ct. 06763

Einstein once said, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted, counts.”


Join Michele Murelli, MA, Art Therapist and Certified MARI practitioner for this experiential workshop that provides an overview of this powerful therapeutic tool for evaluating personal problems and gaining insight and a better understanding of self integrating meditation, art making and mandalas.

About MARI: MARI is a non-verbal and non-threatening assessment tool that can be used working with individuals ages 14 and up. This new approach to psychological healing accesses Jung’s four functions of consciousness (sensation, intuition, thinking, and feeling) through an intuitive process that serves as a powerful therapeutic tool. Learn more at:

About Michele Murelli, MA: Michele is an art therapist and art teacher.  A certified as a MARI Practitioner, Michele earned her BA in Psychology with a certificate in Art Therapy from Albertus Magnus College and an MA in Art Psychotherapy from Lesley University. Michele is a talented painter and mixed media artist she enjoys spending time in her garden and cooking.


Mandala Assessment Research Instrument Freud’s perspective on dream analysis is retrospective while Jung’s view is prospective, that is, leading to an evolution of the psyche, the goal being a more balanced relationship between the Ego and the Self. This assessment has the same Jungian perspective and goal:  To use the information gathered to map the present state of the psyche and give the subject a direction that will lead to movement, evolution, integration, illumination, and Transformation; A true alchemy of the Soul/Self.

This assessment does not describe a static state like intelligence or traditional neuropsyche testing.  It can measure progress or regression, remission or relapse in the consciousness of the subject.

This is an esoteric assessment to be sure, giving much weight to elements that cannot be measured.  Each of the 13 stages has spiritual, mythological, transpersonal, and archetypal characteristics that abide alongside practical characteristics.  Physical conditions and challenges to be aware of, as well as advice on tasks to undertake are also part of the analysis.

All of this remarkable information is revealed through a Mandala drawing, a specific selection of archetypal symbols that are then combined with colors, the formation of a Guidance question, and the answers to stage specific questions.   Administration of the assessment takes approximately one hour; the interpretation of the data takes somewhat longer.

“Each symbol relates to a particular place in the developmental nature of the 13 stages.  Each Stage prepares us for and anticipates the next stage.  The urge for wholeness impels us to move towards the next stage, because the healthy psyche prefers movement.  Each color and is variation, when paired with a specific symbol, will indicate the intensity of energy invested in the creative, emotional, cerebral, survivalist, or spiritual dimension of the subject.”   There are 39 symbol cards and 35 color cards.

In my experience, the information gathered is remarkably accurate and in most cases, uncanny.  It has been researched, refined, and evolved over decades, beginning with Joan Kellogg, the artist and therapist who developed this tool.

I find the MARI to be an excellent therapeutic tool, but its application goes beyond therapy.  The synthesis of the data collected is used to give feedback to the subject in the hopes it will help clarify and enhance his or her life.




May 18
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Bramasole Yoga
57 Slab Meadow Road
Morris, CT 06763
(860) 567-0219